Burden Bearer's

Mission Projects

"Bear ye one anothers burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6.2

Nalongo's Project, Uganda

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Nalongo is a single mother of 4 children. She was abandoned by her husband years back and was left struggling to make ends meet for the children. The Lord has put heavily on our hearts is to purchase land, build her a house, and furnish it. We also intend on fulfilling her desire of attending a dressmaking school. By this, she will be empowered to take care of herself and her children. By the grace of God, and your continued support, we trust that we will be able to get Nalongo's life out of the trenches, all for God's glory.

Rescuing a sister our of the trenches.

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The Gumbo family, Zimbabwe


A blind couple in need of help

 Mr. and Mrs. Gumbo is a blind couple who reside in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Their visual disability interferes with their ability to take care of themselves, and their ability to engage in activities of daily living. For many years, the Gumbo family has managed their lives by begging for money in the streets and busses. They are currently experiencing a housing crisis as they had initiated a house-building project but could only afford to finish only one room. Begging has proven to be challenging on their bodies as they are getting older, and are not guaranteed to return home with money by the end of day. Street-begging has fatal consequences as they are vulnerable to kidnapping, murder, robbing, and facing life-threatening injuries. In line with our missions, we are seeking your support to assist this family to alleviate their burdens and increase their quality of life. The areas of greatest needs include assistance finishing their house, a water well, security fence, clothing, house helper, school fees & supplies for Dylan (an orphan they take care of), and food.


Our goal is to help orphans and children from poor families within the rural community of Kasambya. Our work supports access to education, health and well-being, creating safe learning environments, access to life's basic needs and helping the children grow their faith in Christ. 

"Bear ye one anothers burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6.2

Orphanage Project 1:​​

Dormitory Building Project

This orphanage is home to 30 children and also serves as a school to over 200 children altogether. The children sleep on uncemented classroom floors which expose them  to rats, and dust. 


The dorms are  currently under construction. We are in need of They currently do not have any beds, mattresses, or pillows and blankets. Through this project, our goal is to build a functional, safe and secure dormitory for the children.

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Orphanage Project 2:

Build A Borehole Initiative

These children currently do not have access to clean water. The only option they have is to collect water from rivers and swamps. At best, they gather rainwater for drinking, cooking and other activities of daily living.


Through the build a borehole initiative, we will build a well that will provide clean water and sustain the children and the community for many years to come. 

Orphanage Project 3:

Medical Attention

Many children suffer from acute and chronic diseases but have no access or means to get the appropriate medical attention required. These orphans are in dire need of medical attention.


/Our goal is to make sure that all the children receive necessary vaccinations, physical examinations, dental screening, jiggers treatment, health promotion and prevention tips, and providing first aid/ emergency tool kit for the orphanage. 


Orphanage Project 4:

Basic Needs

Our goal is to provide clothes, shoes, school supplies, feminine hygiene products, and food to the orphans. More than clothes, they are in serious need of shoes so that we reduce the chances of getting jiggers.