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Burden Bearers Mission's Skills Training is an an initiative with many training courses that are designed to empower our brothers and sisters, especially those in the developing economies. On this page, we have highlighted our upcoming skills training programs...


The Dressmaking project will kick-start in Kasambya, Uganda, where we hope to inspire and empower women to gain a skill that will benefit their household and community at large. They will learn Dressmaking and other essential elements such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, etc. 

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Another women empowerment skills training we will offer is hairdressing. This program will be offered in African Communities where there is the greatest need for empowerment towards economical independence. After enrolling in this program, the recipients will not only gain a skill, but will be equipped with knowledge and wisdom to manage a lucrative business, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and more. 

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Continentally, efforts are made to encourage women's involvement in the agriculture and livestock farming sectors to improve their resilience to droughts, economic empowerment, and financial independence.
There is a wide range of ways in which women’s empowerment positively impacts agricultural productivity. We intend on tapping into the great scope of interventions, empowerments, and training necessary to increase rural women involved in agriculture and livestock farming. In some instances, we will partner up with other organizations to achieve this goal. The recipients will also receive mentorship, training, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and more. 

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