On this page, we have highlighted the ongoing and future V.I.B.A Campaign project. As you know, our main objective is the reach out to the blind and the visually impaired and improve their quality of life, one family at a time. Thank you for your continued support that enables us to reach these people. 

The Gumbo Family

 Mr. and Mrs. Gumbo is a blind couple who reside in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Their visual disability interferes with their ability to take care of themselves, and their ability to engage in activities of daily living. For many years, the Gumbo family has managed their lives by begging for money in the streets and busses. They are currently experiencing a housing crisis as they had initiated a house-building project but could only afford to finish only one room. Begging has proven to be challenging on their bodies as they are getting older, and are not guaranteed to return home with money by the end of day. Street-begging has fatal consequences as they are vulnerable to kidnapping, murder, robbing, and facing life-threatening injuries. In line with our missions, we are seeking your support to assist this family to alleviate their burdens and increase their quality of life. The areas of greatest needs include assistance finishing their house, a water well, security fence, clothing, house helper, school fees & supplies for Dylan (an orphan they take care of), and food.


Ms. Violet T 

Ms. Violet T is a blind widow who survives by begging in the streets and on the busses in Zimbabwe. She encounters many challenges daily due to her lack of sight and depends heavily on the assistants of other people. She spends more time away from home and more time on the streets. As a result, she is exposed to the dangers of the street-life whereby she can be injured, sexually assaulted, kidnapped, etc. We are our sister's keeper and we are happy to have you join hands with us as we fulfill Galatians 6:2 mandates. Her needs include housing, food, an education fund for her grandchildren, water source, etc. Ms. Violet is healthy and able-bodied and has a strong desire for independence. Through VIBA, we will assist her with immediate help, followed by skills training and a fair start.