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Helping The Blind

Meet Mr Chikomo


Meet Mr Chikomo, a blind man who begs for a living and dreams of a better future Mr Chikomo is a 54-year-old man who lives in Harare, Zimbabwe. He was born sighted, but he lost his vision on October 15, 1975, a Tuesday that changed his life forever. He does not remember the cause of his blindness, but he remembers the pain and the fear that followed.
Since 1980, Mr Chikomo has been surviving by begging in the streets and in the buses. He says it is not a dignified way of living, but he has no other choice. He has a wife and six children to support. His two older children have their own families as well, but they are also struggling to make ends meet. Mr Chikomo says he is the one who assists his children with a lot of things, such as paying school fees and buying groceries. Mr Chikomo has a wish: to find someone who can elevate him so that he can help others when he is in a better position. He says he has many skills and talents that he can use to start a small business. He wants to run a grocery store and engage in the poultry business. He says he loves chickens and he knows how to hatch eggs and sell them. He also has a rural home where he can keep the chickens and do gardening as well. He says he is good at weaving wires, so it will be easy for him to make the chicken
coop. Mr Chikomo says he is tired of begging and living in poverty. He says he wants to be independent and productive. He says he wants to contribute to society and make his family proud. He says he believes that God has a plan for him and that one day his wish will come true. So we are appealing to anyone who has been touched by his story to help us assist him.

"It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

Mother Teresa

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