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Helping The Blind

Meet Ethel


We have built a world around us that serves the majority. That means that any individual different than
the average, such as the visually impaired, faces difficulties because they’re not what is
considered to be average by many people. 
Ethel, who resides in Epworth, became blind after she was allegedly bewitched by her friend’s
grandmother. She supports her family of four children and an unemployed husband by begging on the
street. However, this is not a reliable source of income and she sometimes faces challenges in paying
rent and providing for her family. Additionally, she is vulnerable to sexual abuse on the street. There
may be organizations or resources available to partner with us so that we can help Ethel and her family.
Local disability advocacy groups or social service agencies may be able to provide assistance with
housing, food, and other basic needs. Vocational rehabilitation agencies or non-profit organizations that

provide job training and placement services for people with disabilities may be able to help Ethel or her
husband find employment.

Ethel has completed a course in basket and chair making at Jairos Jiri and needs capital to start a small
business to support her family. There may be organizations or resources available to partner so that we
can to help her achieve this goal and also help her find employment in the basket and chair making

"It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

Mother Teresa

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In Making A difference For Those In Need

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