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Clean Water Drive

Clean Water Drive

Clean Water Drive

We are excited to announce the launch of this new initiative were we actively look for communities where one borehole can serve a population of up to 400 people in Zimbabwe, Uganda and other countries. With the help of our staff and partners we locate the most vulnerable communities that require help. Most poor communities do not have access to clean water which leads to other dyer health consequences that all work to suppress the quality of life. With this new initiative we will work on changing one community at a time with your generosity. 

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Many underdeveloped communities do not have access to clean water. The only option they have is to collect water from rivers and swamps. At best, they gather rainwater for drinking, cooking and other activities of daily living.

 Through the Clean Water Drive initiative, we will build a well that will provide clean water and sustain communities for many years to come.

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"It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

Mother Teresa

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