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Helping The Blind

Meet Zondani


Zondani Mupapa is a blind man who lives in poverty and struggles to provide for his family. He lost his sight when he was a child after contracting measles, a disease that can cause serious complications. Because of his blindness, he could not go to school and learn the skills he needed to find a decent job. He resorted to begging in the streets, but he faced many challenges and hardships. He said that people were not very compassionate or generous, and sometimes they even abused or ignored him. Zondani is married and has three children, who also suffer from the lack of education and opportunities. He said that he wished his children could go to school and have a better future than him, but he could
not afford the fees or the uniforms. He also said that he had trouble finding a safe and comfortable shelter for his family, as well as food and clothing. He said that he felt hopeless and helpless, and that he prayed for someone to help him.

Zondani has a dream of starting his own business of buying and selling goods. He said that he believed he had the potential and the motivation to do it, and that his wife could assist him with the transactions. He said that he needed some capital and some guidance to start his venture, and that he hoped to find a partner who could support him. He said that he wanted to be independent and productive, and that he wanted to contribute to society and his family. He said that he was grateful for any assistance or advice that anyone could offer him. Please join us in empowering Zondani and transforming her life. Together,we can make it happen.

"It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

Mother Teresa

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In Making A difference For Those In Need

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