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335 Reached with food hampers

Your support made an incredible impact during a time of crisis in Uganda. We provided food for 335 people at the height of a total shutdown, exceeding our expectations. As our team distributed food hampers, we discovered individuals who were critically ill but unable to access medical care due to financial constraints. To address this urgent need, we arranged for a doctor to conduct home visits.

The doctor found that some individuals were so weakened by hunger that they couldn't walk. Additionally, many were suffering from common diseases like malaria and typhoid, while some were diagnosed with more severe illnesses, including HIV, requiring ongoing medical care. The field doctor offered crucial post-diagnosis counseling, dietary guidance, and referrals to local clinics for further treatment.

Your support not only filled empty stomachs but also provided life-saving medical assistance, offering hope and healing to those in desperate need. Thank you for making a profound difference in the lives of these individuals.

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