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Meet Nadia

Meet Nadia, a remarkable woman who has faced many challenges in her life. She was born in 1997 in a rural village, where she married young and had four beautiful children. However, her husband was abusive and left her for another woman, leaving her alone and without any support. She tried to find work, but it was hard to get by with four mouths to feed. She had no home of her own, no access to clean water, health care, or education. She struggles every day to survive and provide for her children. But Nadia does not give up hope. She dreams of a better future for herself and her children. She wants to learn new skills, start a small business, and become independent and self-reliant. She wants to give her children the opportunities she never had. She wanted to be happy and free. That's where we come in. We are the Burden Bearers Organization, a non-profit organization that empowers women like Nadia to overcome poverty and injustice. We believe that every woman has the potential to transform her life and her community. We provide women with training, mentoring, Together, we can be the burden bearers for women like Nadia. Together, we can empower them to create a better life for themselves and their children.

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