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Spreading The Word

Evangelism - Replace statement

Life Teachings

Our focus is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost. We are called to preach the uncompromising truth of Jesus Christ as well as take care of the less fortunate. We are ordinary people who love people because God loves people. We love to see people encounter the true, uncompromised Gospel that has the power to save, set free, heal, empower and equip for every good work. Our mission is to prepare the Lord's people for his swift return. 

Uganda Church Project

The home-to-home revivals have stirred up a hunger for God like never before in the hearts of the inhabitants of Kirume village.This is the greatest testimony as this community is saturated with people who believed in other gods. There are no churches within reasonable distance, They are in need of a church that will nurture and support the new believers in their journey with Christ. We plan to establish a church on the orphanage premises that will serve the community at large. 

"It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

Mother Teresa

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In Making A difference For Those In Need

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